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Digital storage capacity 1 TB
Mark Transcend
Series SSD220S
Connectivity technology SATA
Reading speed 1700 Megabytes per second

  • Transcend’s SSD 220S follows NVMe 1.3 and uses the PCIe Gen3 x4 interface, which means that four lanes are used to transmit and receive data simultaneously, resulting in an impressive performance of up to 3,500 MB / s read and 2 , 800 MB / s write.
  • Pcie (or PCI Express) is a much faster interface than SATA (or Serial ATA) for connecting a host computer to solid state storage devices through one or more lanes consisting of a transmission and ONE receives the serial interface on each lane, which means it can better meet the new performance requirements.
  • Nvme (or NVM Express) is a standard host controller interface designed to serve the needs of enterprise and client applications using PCI Express-based solid state storage. Nvme asks for better performance vectors than AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface), including scalable bandwidth, IOPS, and low latency.
  • Transcend’s PCIe SSD 220S is designed with LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) encoding, a powerful ECC algorithm to keep data safe. Made with high quality 3D NAND flash chips and PCIe SSD 220S engineered dynamic thermal reduction mechanism that ensures superior strength and stability for high-end applications.
  • The scope of the Transcend SSD is advanced, easy-to-use software that makes it easy to ensure that the Transcend SSD remains healthy and continues to run fast and error-free by determining health and optimizing drive performance.
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