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Russel Hobbs Red 360 Cordless Kettle

Russel Hobbs Red 360 Cordless Kettle

  • Removable filter
  • Water level indicator
  • Indicator lamp


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This Russell Hobbs Red Legacy Dome kettle offers a modern design to your kitchen. The royal red housing is stainless steel and the functional components are matt black plastic. The kettle capacity is 1.7L equates to more than 6 standard cups. The water level and millage is visible on the side of the kettle.

The kettle is cordless which makes it easier to lift and refill without restriction. The spout is designed to prevent spillage while pouring. The automatic shut-off and dry boil protection safeguards your kettle against damage. The power switch lights up to indicate when the kettle is switched on to boil.


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